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With a reputation as one of West Michigan’s most respected firms, Cunningham Dalman personally serves individuals, businesses, institutions and municipalities. Our dedication to innovation motivates us to take advantage of advancements in information technology and allows us to create practical and efficient solutions that meet our clients’ legal needs.

Our size is large enough to permit our attorneys to concentrate in specific legal fields, but small enough to keep the personal contact with our clients, resulting in high-quality, efficient and personal legal services.

Latest Articles

Another Year, Another Change in the Uncapping Rules

For the third year in a row, the state has added an exception to the uncapping rule. The usual rule is that when title to real property changes hands, the “taxable value” is uncapped, increasing to match the “assessed value”, sometimes greatly increasing property taxes for a property. Between such transfers, the TV can only… continue reading

An Important Issue for Small Business Owners When Putting Together an Estate Plan

Most people, whether or not they have done estate planning, are aware of how beneficiary designations work. After all, beneficiary designations can be used on bank accounts, life insurance policies, retirement accounts, and many other types of financial and investment assets to automatically transfer those assets on death. However, I have found that very few… continue reading

Medicaid Policy Updates Impacting In-Home Care

Families that help a loved one apply for Medicaid benefits aren’t usually aware of the existence of a manual containing Medicaid eligibility rules. The Bridge’s Eligibility Manual contains pages and pages of policy that impact a person filing for Medicaid. When talking about Medicaid benefits for older persons, an October 1, 2015 update impacts persons… continue reading