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With a reputation as one of West Michigan’s most respected firms, Cunningham Dalman personally serves individuals, businesses, institutions and municipalities. Our dedication to innovation motivates us to take advantage of advancements in information technology and allows us to create practical and efficient solutions that meet our clients’ legal needs.

Our size is large enough to permit our attorneys to concentrate in specific legal fields, but small enough to keep the personal contact with our clients, resulting in high-quality, efficient and personal legal services.

2015 Best of West Michigan Winner

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Some “Routine Maintenance” Tips for Your Company

As a business attorney, I have helped many clients with setting up new companies, usually corporations or limited liability companies (“LLCs”). It can be a fast and furious process. After the “entity formation phase” is complete, however, some business owners overlook the importance of “routine maintenance” for the company. Obviously there are things that you… continue reading

Medicaid Series Part 7: Selling a Home After Medicaid Eligibility

My colleague, Haans Mulder, and I had the recent pleasure of speaking to a group of people about the nuances of planning to keep a home while a loved one receives Medicaid benefits. While the focus is often on preservation of the home sometimes it doesn’t make sense to continue paying for taxes, insurance, maintenance,… continue reading


I had lunch with a group of officers from a local trust department, two of whom were investment managers. The subject came up of what to do with a client who has a high concentration of a single stock in their portfolio. The discussion was enlightening. Throughout my career I’ve noticed a common theme, which… continue reading